17 thoughts on “Home…sick

  1. Darling T & B, it’s so good to see you home, moving on to healing phase. You are doing such a tremendous job. We love you and hope to be able to visit when the time is right for you. Biggest kisses, L,M,W&Z xxxxx


  2. Very happy to see you home – dog by your side! Thanks for keeping us updated. Much love for feeling better super quick – Diana


  3. I am following your progress from afar. I had my MOAS 12 years ago, and I cannot imagine going through it as many times as Brenda has. I wish healing and peace for you and your family.


  4. So glad to see you back in the comfort of your own home for Easter. Here’s hoping all those helping hands & paws have magical healing powers. Love Di


  5. Great to see you home in Sevenoaks, Brenda. My advice? Plenty of love, avoid daytime TV, and keep smiling at everything that makes you happy. All our best


  6. Very glad to hear that you are back home, where you belong. Hope you continue to make good progress. Have a restful Easter and best wishes to you and the family. Jane H. Xx


  7. So pleased that you are now back home in time for Easter, dearest Brenda. Great also to see that Bonzo is back in what looks like his rightful place! Sending a virtual hug and much love to you all! Maggie xxx


  8. So nice to hear from you and it is always nice to be home.

    Sending hugs

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    On Tue, Apr 12, 2022 at 5:28 PM Brenda won’t back down wrote:

    > brendawontbackdown posted: ” Brenda is home. As we are pretty self > sufficient we are continuing the healing process under our own steam…all > hands and paws to the pumps. Many, many thanks to our friends at the > Hampshire Clinic for your care. ” >


  9. So glad you are home sweet home ! Bonzo looks very comfy with his favourite mum ! Sending you Lots of love and healing energy . Happy Easter xxxxx


  10. Dear Brenda

    So thrilled to see you at
    Home , keep fighting darling friend , keep strong . We are all rooting for you. Sending you more cheerful Netflix recommendations😘🙏


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