U got the look

We’ve been flying under the radar of late, concentrating on consolidating on positive improvement. Today the makeup came out for the first time. We have to pop back to Basingstoke next week for a day procedure and maybe an overnight stay but, otherwise things are looking up.

Many thanks for all the messages, calls, treats and visits.

17 thoughts on “U got the look

    1. You look gorgeous Brenda!
      Such Courage – and forwards step by step. Great job Trent, Brenda and Team Trenowden.
      Sending love xx


  1. You are very definitely in the pink! You’re an incredible woman, my friend.
    Continuing to send love your way.
    ❤️Nancy Jones


  2. Brenda you are looking beautiful as always! So happy to hear that life is looking brighter these days. Continue to pray for you and your family. God bless! Hugs, Gerry


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