Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

We’ve been lying doggo this week. Brenda has not been up to speaking to people and/or looking at her phone. We neither of us had much to say, in truth. It has been a hard, hard stretch. Depressing, sad and at times quite dark. Some respite yesterday as Brenda spent much of the day sleeping. She is finally catching up on a string of tortuous, sleepless nights. Then, this morning I received a message saying ‘Bring my sunglasses.’ Hello, I thought, that sounds positive. Since then, they have been employed shading the bright lights and dizzying excitement of the clinic’s car park. It has been good to get outside and feel this pleasant March sun we’ve been enjoying. Fingers crossed for a good weekend and then, hopefully, we’ll be nearing the home straight next week.

14 thoughts on “Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

  1. The best news for ages. So glad you have managed to get out and the future looks brighter. Sending love and hugs


  2. Trend… you are definitely the patients’ version of Adam Kay, a gifted writer with a sometimes dark sense of humour. Thanks for finding the light side. Love to you all.


  3. We’ve been thinking about you both and can only imagine how tough this stage has been. So good to hear Brenda was out in the sunshine with you. Sending biggest virtual hugs xxx


  4. Dear Trend & Brenda – amazing how you keep us all up to date whilst times are tough for you both – so appreciate your posts- I know you can get through this & I pray it’s sooner than you think! xxx


  5. Wonderful to see your positive post today. We have you all in our prayers as you travel this road. Sunny bright times ahead sounds fantastic. All the best for continuing bright days. Hugs


  6. So happy to hear Brenda and each day the sun shines we’ll keeping wearing our shades with you! hugs from across the ocean, Elaine


  7. ❤️ thank you trend. Grateful for your beautifully written news updates and feeling into Brenda’s recovery and journey


  8. Thanks for the updates, hope the fresh air and sun felt good, and of course knowing lots of people are thinking of you! X


  9. Thank you for the updates and the hope and inspiration you share with us all. Feeling the sun on the other side of the globe and thinking of you all. Sending love and positive energy back your way!


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