A Boy Named Sue (and Sandra)

We are still waiting for the various entities providing Brenda’s home nutrition (TPN) to come together. With no official word from anyone, this seems as distant a prospect as it did three weeks ago.

Today we arrived at the five weeks in Basingstoke landmark. It is a mark of the toll that this stay has taken, that those keeping us entertained appear to have completely ‘lost it’. (We love you Linsdells).

The one thing we know for sure is that Brenda will have an interim operation on the 14th March (not a transplant). We are hoping for a TPN miracle to get home for a few days before we are back here for that.

9 thoughts on “A Boy Named Sue (and Sandra)

  1. Positive thoughts & vibes heading your way on repeat & pray you make it home Brenda before the next op. Gentlest & warmest hug and so very much love. NIna xoxox


  2. So frustrating for you Brenda. Let’s hope you get news soon that you can go home for a bit before 14 March. As Curtis Mayfield’s song says “Keep on keeping on”!
    Lots of love and hugs
    Maggie xxx


  3. Started reading your blog in 2020 after my own PMP diagnosis. Always struck by your positivity and excellent music choice! Was at the Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke today for blood tests ahead of CT scan in early March and then follow up with Mr Moran. It was a lovely spring day – hopefully you have been able to enjoy it.


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