Love Like Blood

As we trickle through the home nutrition set-up process Brenda is still at the clinic in Basingstoke. There has been a lot of tinkering under the bonnet, infection-fighting, tweaking levels of sodium, iron and this and that. Today she had a small blood transfusion so she should be bouncing off the walls just about now. She needs to have a Hickman line inserted next week and if all goes to plan we are hoping, with everything crossed, that we will get her home a week tomorrow.

Today we had a long chat with Brendan the surgeon and he has a short term plan to take the pressure of the wait for a transplant.

It has been a long haul this time and Brenda will have been in hospital for longer than any of her past operations. The dog is well and truly fed up with the regime and greets me every evening with a raised eyebrow, head propped on one paw, drumming the ground with the other.

10 thoughts on “Love Like Blood

  1. Mark, thanks for the update. Both you and the dog are strong communicators. We are glad and hopeful to hear that Dr. Brendon has a plan in place as Bren awaits the transplant. Always thinking of your family. XXX OOO


  2. That’s so good to hear! Home is in sight and Dr Brendan has a plan. Loving the image of Brenda bouncing off the walls (as WW obvs). Huge love, hugs and kisses to you all xxxx


  3. I’m so pleased to hear that Brenda might be back home soon. I’m also crossing everything that news of an imminent transplant becomes a real possibility. In the meantime let’s hope that Dr Brendan’s plan comes up trumps! Thanks so much for the update. A gentle hug to Brenda and love to you all. Maggie xx


  4. There is no place like home! So lovely to know that plans are underway! What a remarkable story of love and courage. Much much love to my beautiful cousin, Brenda, and her incredible family and support team. 🤗❤️ Wish I could deliver my love in person!


  5. As the spouse of someone with PMP – who is very familiar with Basingstoke- I follow this blog and I just wanted to say I’m so sorry to hear things are so tough right now.


  6. ‘Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted’….as Daddy used to say.
    Complex plans for homecoming, but with a positive goal…..although a long, hard wait x
    sending a big hug x


  7. Thank you so much for finding the time to update us all when you already have so much to do. Terrific news there is a plan & I have everything crossed that Brenda gets home soon xx


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