Morning has broken

Extubation can take from between 15 minutes (best case) to 2 hours (worst case). Brenda was off her ventilator in record time breathing on her own after 10 minutes this morning.

32 thoughts on “Morning has broken

  1. I woke this morning to glorious news at your blog with Trend’s words & your smiling chicklets, ran to my book of quotes to share an elegant phrase on courage, but duh – COURAGE was already staring me in the face. Gratitude to YOU for inspiring us all. Love you. Tutti.

    That has made us both laugh


  2. Sending lots of love and healing stuff through the internet, into your Xmas tree of gear on your right, and into your veins. It’ll work.


  3. You are amazing Brenda…it’s wonderful to see your beautiful smile! 🙂 Wishing you a speedy recovery. Lots of love to you all, xoJanet & Andrew


  4. So good to see you smiling and the op complete. I’ve been thinking of you constantly. Also of Trend and the kids seeing you going through this and waiting patiently for you to come around. Sending you all so much love and praying for a speedy and positive recovery xx


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