The long and winding road

‘At least it is done’ is the main thing we took out of yesterday. Team Trenowden has had less bumpy days, it is safe to say.

I spoke to Brendan (surgeon) midway through the operation. He found the tumour to be worse than he thought. A real tangle and he was very despondent. He and his team worked very hard to untangle things and in the end things worked out better than he anticipated.

Surgery complete Brens is in ICU. Our friend Phillippa (ICU nurse from last time) has been in attendance and I can’t emphasise what a fantastic thing this has been for me. A calm, steady and reassuring hand. The toll on Brenda cannot be understated. Her muscle wastage was plain to see for everyone and that basketball on her tummy didn’t just get there of it’s own accord. I think we all knew things were pretty serious.

As I write to the rhythm of her ventilator we wait for her to be bought round. She has been fighting the sedative so she is ready to rejoin us all at about 9am.

ABBA on the radio, she’ll be dancing before we know it.

36 thoughts on “The long and winding road

  1. So pleased for you all that the bumpy road of yesterday is in the rear-view mirror. Sending you hugs and love for the days ahead x


  2. Thank you for the honest update. It means alot. Phillippa sounds something of a guardian angel.

    Keeping Brenda and your family very much in my thoughts today.


  3. Thinking of you all. So pleased and relieved that this is behind you. Sending much love, hugs and wishes that the road ahead will be smoother xx


  4. Trend. Thank you for writting. In I am sure challenging time for you . Please give Brenda the biggest virtual hug from me and many others . She is our Wonder Woman and she will win this battle . Sending her and the entire family lots of positive vibres . xx Nadine


  5. Many thanks for keeping us updated – sounds just like Brenda fighting the sedative! Have never known such a fighter as Brenda is- please give her a huge hug and dance from her team at 40 Bank St. Brenda is always in my prayers.


  6. Team Trenowden, what a journey with massive bumps but also full of love and life.
    Good to know it is done and look forward to the next update
    Sending you light and energy,
    Xx, Gabi


  7. If anyone can do this, you guys can. So pleased to hear they managed to get the tumour out and de-tangled. Now for patience and love to help her body and mind heal. You are surrounded by love, family and friends – rightly so. Sending lots and lots of love 💕


  8. Grateful for the good things as you say Trend – and that Team Trend includes such caring and expert professionals – look after yourself too.


  9. Dear Trend,

    Many thanks for the update. We are all hoping for the best and it is good that Brenda’s old team is with her again. Courage is what we all need at this time. Our best wishes to Teddy and Indy. Much love, Ken and Heather >


  10. The most amazing news and so grateful for Dr Brendan and team. Wonderful news about Phillipa – she is so lovely and glad she is there with you! Can’t wait to have a kitchen dance with “animal”. Xo


  11. Trend
    What a trying journey this has been and what strength Brenda has had. Thank god it went better then Expected. God bless you both and nothing better than ABBA!

    Thanks for the update.


  12. Thanks so much for the update, way to go Bren. Blast ABBA it’s good for the soul ! 🎶
    Sending much love from 🇨🇦 Louise & Graeme


  13. Very thankful to hear it went by the sounds of things as well as it could. And glad you have that support Trend. Sending love to you both. ❤️


  14. Thanks so much for the update Trend. We’re all thinking of you and with you in spirit. Thank goodness Brenda is in such capable hands. Sending you all loads of love. Keep playing the 80s favourites! xxx


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