The Lady in Red


IMG_5790Wonder Woman has hers and here are our own Superhero’s red booties. Brenda’s second physio session of the day saw her sit in a chair for ten minutes. Earlier in the day she had been coaxed into a sitting position on the edge of the bed so something of a quantum leap. She also enjoyed a bit of a wash and brush up but, clearly tired out by all this activity conked out.

The trajectory of the route to recovery isn’t always upward. Such early days but, nevertheless, today was a little bit of a reality check. She is looking more like her old self but was happy to zone out in her own world for protracted periods.

Great for Brenda to see Bridget Jacob (who stayed overnight nearby and did a double shift) and Madelaine Verchere who will stay into the evening. I’m now home with India and will be having a home-made soup courtesy of Adele Cleaver. So many people to thank Sam and David on Bonzo watch, Louise, Greg and Kirsteen with India. For the moment it suits India and me to have as few moving parts as possible. We are happy to be home together and I will catch up with Teddy tomorrow who will take the train into Basingstoke from Bristol.



10 thoughts on “The Lady in Red

  1. Sending you positive vibes and energy Brenda.When I first met you and we recorded the Radio 4 programme ‘City Women’ I was met with a determined, strong warm and friendly woman ( I also loved your bag and scarf !). It’s the attitude to life and living you had back then that will get you through this.Thank you for this blog and for sharing this story too. A big hug and lots of love Perminder Khatkar.


  2. On this American Thanksgiving day we have so much to be thankful for: wonderful doctors, great socks, awesome style, fabulous friends and family and your indomitable spirit!


  3. I had a dream last night that you joined Bid and me for lunch in a pod on the London Eye – one day post surgery! …
    So pleased that the surgery is now behind you, Bren, and wish you very well in your recovery. Lots of love to you, Trend, Teddy and India.

    Thanks ML


    1. Amazing progress to be sitting up – I am sure you love having your the flat tummy back! So glad Brigid, Madeleine and Ted are able to visit…sending you big hugs from across the pond! Bomber x


  4. It’s wonderful to hear Brenda is sitting up and already cracking on with physio. No wonder she conked out! Huge love to you all. Lucinda, M, W & Z xxxxx


  5. Brenda
    Will never stop to amaze us all . So happy to see you doing so well already . I am sending you strong waves of energy and patience . One day at a time . Lots of love . Nadine


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