13 thoughts on “Going Home

  1. You look like you’re heading off to camp not coming home from major surgery. I hope you and Hillary enjoy being at home. Don’t forget to rest


  2. Welcome Home. You are an amazing Woman. Take Care and get some well deserved sleep.!!!!!!!!! Diane Jack and Family. Hugs.to all. XO


  3. Absolutely bloody amaZing! I never thought you’d do this any differently Brenda but seriously this is just beyond incredible! 5k by the weekend I’m guessing! 😉 Big love xxxx


  4. You look flipping awesome. Never will a drive home have felt so good and so deserved. Teddy please translate – huanying hui jia. Xxxxx


  5. Brenda, sorry to hear about all this …. but so glad I have seen that you are making a super duper recovery and have now gone home … I will keep following you and send you a massive hug …. Jo Beech


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