Receiving visitors

Apparently Hillary had nothing in her diary today so dropped in for coffee. Lovely to see Jane and Christiane from Brenda’s ‘Hillside Moms’ group. (Teddy’s school.)

Brenda is happy to be home and although she is waking through the night she is getting more sleep than in hospital. She is a bit thin but, we can work on that. Brenda is a bit achy and still struggling to get comfortable on occasions.

Thank you to everyone again, lovely flowers have arrived almost seemingly on the hour and a delicious care package from Cludsy to keep the wolf from the door.



3 thoughts on “Receiving visitors

  1. Hi Brenda. A remarkable journey. Of everyone I am blessed to know, you have the the courage, positive attitude, strength and fighting spirit to conquer this battle. I am very happy to see that you are home and surrounded by your family and many friends. Like others, I will say a prayer and light a candle for you. I saw in the pictures you were surrounded by the comforts of home – your Hudson Bay blanket, your silver shoes. You continue to be in my thoughts from afar and I look forward to the very near future when you will be buzzing around again, adding so much light to all our lives. I know with great certainty that you Won’t Back Down!

    Renee DeGagne


  2. You and your mom look wonderful. Hillary looks a little down, though. And, here it comes… [little squeal] you’re standing beside Christiane Amanpour, of whom I’m a big fan. I’ve enjoyed watching her coverage through way too many conflicts.


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