Boogie Wonder-woman

Okay, that is pushing the song titles a bit I’ll admit. Unpacking Brenda’s ward bag for tomorrow. Brenda loves Gabrielle’s Wonder Woman light. Epidural out Brens is looking good. As Maive, the matron says ‘She isn’t sick, she’s just recovering ‘

The children came along today and the Bonz waived through the window. Brenda should be moved from intensive care tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Boogie Wonder-woman

  1. Looking good today and I am sure that each day will be better. Trend, Teddy, India and I had a nice visit with Bren today.


  2. Brenda so great to see you recovering & as smiley as ever. I suspect recovering is currently more painful than being sick. Here’s to each day feeling better. x

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  3. Claudia’s sister here Danny. You are amazing, and inspirational. Thinking of you and all your family and sending you lots of speedy recovery hugs and love from a very f***ing cold Montenegro. xx

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  4. Such an incredible journey – you’re knocking it out of the park, and it has to be so hard and painful. Keep going, a day at a time, you have such strength!! You too a Trend! And thank you so much for the updates. Lots of love.


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