Wall Street Shuffle


With the help of three acolytes Brenda walked the length of the ICU unit this morning. A new twist on the term meals on wheels as she takes her big ‘Harrods bag’ of nutritional goo everywhere she goes. Despite the smiles this took a massive effort and she had a good sit before returning to bed. Once tied up and stationary two of her stomach drains were removed making her considerably more mobile (only two acolytes.) A further landmark was reached when, at 2pm, Brenda left Intensive Care and was taken to her own room. We were able to arrange her cards, put up photos and sort out her things. The one to one care she has received to date will continue but many of her levels have stabilised which means fewer intravenous concoctions.

In the afternoon Brenda had further physiotherapy and ventured out of her room and down the corridor. All in all, it was quite a day and by the end of it poor Brens looked completely tired out.

A patchwork of small wounds, she looks thin and exhausted and I find it heart-breaking. Hopefully, she will rest well and bounce back tomorrow. That said she has just texted me saying that she loves my cricket bat and me…how about that (insert smiley face.)


4 thoughts on “Wall Street Shuffle

  1. Dear Brenda and Family

    Great to see that you are out of intensive care, a big step in the right direction to recovery and great to correlate with the physical steps of the day!

    I have been thinking of you and your journey and have been reading of your progress…..sending lots of positive vibes from Sydney!



  2. Looks like really hard work. So glad she’s into her own room, that’s an impressive milestone. Hope the night was ok.


  3. So hard for you both. Big hugs. And hang in there – sounds like as hard as it is, Brenda’s making huge progress which is no surprise!


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