I C U baby… walkin’ about

Brenda’s walk this morning took an enormous effort. Two spells sitting in a chair as well took a toll comparable to that of running a marathon. Periods of proper deep sleep, punctuated by breathing exercises and physiotherapy. Hopefully she will have a comfortable night. She has found them to be intolerably long so far.

The whole ‘fam damily’ is going to pay a visit including the Bonz.


14 thoughts on “I C U baby… walkin’ about

  1. So happy to hear the news and see the great progress. Brenda, you always inspire us to achieve things we don’t even know we are capable of – “She believed she could, so she did!”. Much love, Maria Mackenzie xxx


  2. Not at all surprised to see Brenda doing so well- such a super star! Big hug and see you next week when back in The UK – love from us all and God bless you!!


  3. Great to see you with a smile Brenda after everything you have been through. You are a trooper! We have been thinking about you every day. Lots of love! Sharon, Bill, Susan, Jeff & Vanessa.


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