Doctor! Doctor!

A big shout out to Brendan Moran and his team for patching up our very own Steve Austin/ Jaime Sommers…better than she was before, better, stronger, faster. Well, something like that.

It has been a big, complicated and ‘dangerous’ operation. Brendan, our surgeon, is always guarded. He isn’t the sort to say…it was tricky but, it was fine. He is more of a…it was very difficult, and we’re pleased with what we have been able to achieve…kinda guy.

I have a broad brush idea of what they have been able achieve and all seems positive. Brenda is her usual indomitable self giving me a gentle scolding on a myriad list of things whilst drifting in and out of Fetanyl-land.

As ever, I can’t thank everyone enough. One of the few perks of doing this for the fourth time is that we know our team of wonderful nurses. I’ve been texted through the night on Brenda’s return to consciousness.

13 thoughts on “Doctor! Doctor!

  1. TEAM BRENDA! Trend & family, pre, post and during surgical team, and the “indomitable” and indefatigable “Jaime Sommers”, the Bionic Woman, this is the best wake-up news for us on the other side of the Atlantic! xo


  2. Trend, thank you so much for the update on Brenda. This is a trying time for the family and Trend you deserve a gold star. I send many hugs to Brenda and you.
    Big Hugs from Deep Cove.


  3. You are all completely amazing and as always we are thinking of you all. Thank you for the updates and Take care xx


  4. Thank you Trend for the update. Sending lots of positive vibes and very best wishes to Team Trenowden and Team Brendan Moran!


  5. Thank you so much for the update. I hope today has been as good as it can be and am sending hugs and best wishes🤗


  6. Thanks so much for this good news Trend! Loved the pic of B on Facebook too. She looks so good. Sending YOU big hugs too Trend for all you are doing. And of course love and hugs to Brenda. Xxx. Tamara


  7. So happy to read your mom’s email when I got up yesterday morning. I pray for continued progress.
    Hug Elaine


  8. Cannot imagine how poor Brenda is managing to sustain yet another round of the MOAS! But knowing that Brendan & his dream team are looking after her is exactly the reassurance needed by Brenda, your and all the family to help her get through the next few weeks. Big love xoxox


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