Who Let The Dogs Out

…well they sure as hell weren’t letting the Bonzo in much to his dismay. However, we both enjoyed our drive to Old Basing to wave and chat with Brenda through an upstairs window. Despite an uncomfortable night, Brenda looked good and one has to take stock and remember that today is still only day five post-op. It has also passed me by to a degree that she has had two large doses of chemo and this will need to percolate out of her. At the moment it manifests itself in taste. She has a dressing that has caused a blister and her swollen left leg is still being closely monitored. All these horrid things, she a trooper.

Following our visit, a physio session left her tired out and sensibly she went back to bed. We’ve spent an afternoon going back and forth in frustration as her cricket team failed to fire (I blame the SID for not somehow engineering that her husband and son are in the line up). Hopefully, her planned simultaneous online film viewing with Madelaine this evening will be an easier watch.

The clinic can be a bit of a wilderness at the weekend and Sunday will be a bit of a hump day. Meanwhile, we look forward to a successful Ocado delivery Brenda having wrested back the control of the ordering. Thank goodness she is still in control.

10 thoughts on “Who Let The Dogs Out

  1. GO Brenda! You really are a super star inspiring us all! Sending you hugs from the West Coast where the sun is shining in your honor. Be well my friend! Anne


  2. So fantastic to see B up and about! You and Bonzo are clearly just what she needed, Trend. Sending you all lots of hugs, Tamara


  3. So good to see this progress. You’re so right Trend to recognise Brenda’s strength and courage. She is coping brilliantly with multiple challenges, one of which would floor most of us. Sending much love to you (would you like company in the car park? Not sure whether this would be welcome or not.) xxx


    1. She doesn’t seem so well today. Temperature and a bit of an odd colour in her abdomen. This, with the swollen leg is a bit of a worry. She dosed off while I was talking to her on FaceTime so I’d hold off on a visit for now. It is difficult through a window and on the phone. The dog (who is bark free) hates my cricket mini me and barks his head off at it!


  4. Well done Brenda five days after such a massive op – youre doing incredibly well, well done Trend, I bet Bonzos smiling face as well as yours outside was very welcome.

    Lots of love to you both xx


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