I Love My Dog – ‘Cat’ Stevens

Difficult day today 3 drains removed from my abdomen, central line taken out, off intravenous feeding and off fentanyl and on to some v light v bland food.

Left leg still v swollen and heavy which is frustrating but should ease over time.  Big binder to wear around my swollen midsection for the next three months is minor in the scheme of things but also frustrating.

Mentally one week in is always a difficult time – v tired and emotional from lack of sleep in the evenings, reduction of pain meds and reality of the uphill recover journey all kick in around the one week mark. On a positive note, however, I had a lovely visit through the window with Trendy and managed to make a number of people laugh as I took ‘Lucky Dog’ for a walk down the corridor this evening.

12 thoughts on “I Love My Dog – ‘Cat’ Stevens

  1. You really are inspiring us all to be more resilient and then your dog comes along to cheer us all up too! It’s an amazing double act 🙂

    Cant wait to have you back


  2. Hahahaha…your invulnerable spirit and sense of humour.
    (now quietly sending telepathic healing thoughts. tell me when you feel them kick in)


  3. Wonderful to see you up and about Brenda. Bonzo’s going to be jealous!! Stay strong you amazing woman 💕💕


  4. Wonderful to see you up and about Brenda. Bonzo’s going to be jealous!! Stay strong you amazing woman 💕


  5. Incredible Brenda! Simply incredible to see you walking around with your little companion. Rough days ahead for sure. Hoping you find suitable pain relief now that the fentanyl has stopped. Thinking of you Bren!

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  6. 😂😘 Love the dog walk. Go girl. You are amazing Brenda… in training for your daily runs, coming soon. Thinking of you. Love seeing your smile. xxxx

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  7. I prefer the real dog to the balloon dog, but both have cheered up my day. Sending you lots of love and strength!


  8. So good to hear you are recovering so well Brenda. Your Mom told me you got home today👍Sending hugs and prayers.


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