‘Mr Moran’

‘Some people call me when they’re in a jam

Cause I’m the man, I’m Mr. Moran’

Whilst it’s daunting to think about going through this horrific MOAS (Mother Of All Surgeries) op yet again, Trend and I are both pleased that we have a plan and we’re grateful that they are able to fit me in sooner rather than later.  It’s a bit more difficult each time due to the scarring from the previous surgeries and all of the organs sticking together, but I know that I’m in good hands and Mr. Moran and his team will to the best they can to keep me going.

Very apt lines from the song by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  Those of you who have followed my previous ops will know that I am very fortunate to be under the care of Mr. Moran at the Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke.  He operated on me (together with a team of surgeons) in January 2017 and again in November 2019 – both very long and difficult surgeries.  And this morning, after meeting with him to go through my latest scans and symptoms, he is ready to open me up again for another big cytoreductive surgery followed by Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC).

Some of you will know that I have seen signs of the disease progressing over the past 6 months, the latest manifestations have been kidney problems and a swollen and sore left leg.  I was gutted to finally take delivery of my new Peloton bike the week before last, only to find that my left leg tired after ten minutes of spinning.  Last week we ended up in A&E one evening and the next morning as there was concern about a blood clot.  We now know that the swollen leg is likely caused by pressure on my lymph node and the kidney problem is caused by pressure on my ureters. I have two very large cystic tumours that are growing – one protruding from my tummy and one internal, as well as a lot of mucin (gel) in my abdomen, which will cause more problems if we do nothing.   

On the plus side, I know what to expect and hopefully, with that experience, how to get through it.  The minus side is that due to Covid, this time I will be in hospital for weeks without any visitors at all.  That will not be easy as I relied on my daily visits from Trend and from seeing a number of friends pop in to brighten my days.  I will have to rely on my life-size cut out of Hillary again, on the friendly familiar faces of the nurses and staff, and on FaceTime calls.

I’m scheduled to go in on Sunday the 14th for surgery on Monday the 15th March, so hopefully by the time I’m home we will be into a sunny spring and I can recover and receive visitors in the garden.

We will keep the blog updated throughout and I will rely on Trend to come up with some more brilliant song titles like ‘Mr. Moran’. 

15 thoughts on “‘Mr Moran’

  1. Oh Bren – so glad there is a plan – the two weeks sounds like hell but I’m sure you make the best of it and I know you’ll have great books to read….So glad you are in a health care system (like Canada) where there is no end to what they will try. I remember when my husband had his 9th surgery on a once mutilated hand and the surgeon said ‘we’ll keep going till your happy”. Spring is coming…flower blossoms and sunny skies….hang in there – you’re a Wonder Woman for sure!


  2. Mr Moran is THE MAN. Good to have a plan but sorry to hear we can’t drop in on you. You know we’ll all have you front and centre in our minds. As you say, Spring, hope and good things are around the corner. Love you xxx


  3. Brenda you may have a string of us lining up for FaceTime calls as and when you’re ready to see us!! When there’s a challenge it’s best to have a plan and sounds like you’ve hatched a beaut with Mr Moran. Thinking of you ❤️❤️


  4. Yeah to Mr. Moran who knows how to plan
    We just ask that he cure our #1 frontman
    Thinking of you Bren, and Mark too, during these next couple of tough weeks. March 14th is marked on our calendar and once you are strong enough for visitors, let’s hop on FT.
    We love you up to the moon and back again.


  5. Brenda,
    Glad to see Doctor has a plan. The 2 weeks will be difficult with no visitors but know we are all sending you hugs.
    Sure hope to see you in Deep Cove this summer with all these travel restrictions it makes it more difficult.


  6. So glad you have a plan lovely and we’ll no doubt all be thinking of how we can entertain you while you are stuck in hospital this time. Some ideas brewing….. sending you lots of love and virtual hugs, Tamara, James and Hugo


  7. Brenda, it’s good news that the amazing Mr Moran had a plan, but bad news that the dreaded Covid will leave you all alone at such a challenging time. As always I love the positivity that exudes from your posts, and I know that you will be well prepared with uplifting books and podcasts to keep you going. Take care and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can see you again. Xxxx


  8. Hey Brenda I am so sorry you have to have more surgery but am glad you have such a World-renowned specialist on your team. Thinking of you and sending hugs and tunes xx


  9. Hi Bren, Ugh! Sucks to have to have the MOAS again and no visitors, but I know the staff and family and friends will do their best to keep your spirits up, and your right spring is just around the corner- hopefully the bike can get some use during your rehab and onward! Although I’m sure it’ll be better to get back to exercising outside come summer! Thinking of you all! Xo Diana


  10. Brenda – will be thinking of you on Mother’s Day and the day after. Everything crossed for you and sending love.



  11. Dear Brenda we will be thinking of you as you go onto hospital on Sunday and during your operation and your recovery. Love to you all . Jo, Tim and Samuel xxx


  12. Brenda what a lovely homecoming you received, .especially the energetic greeting from Bonzo. He obviously missed you very much. I hope your recovery is going well. Sending lots of love to you and family and best wishes for your recovery.


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