‘(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay’

As I sit in my lovely garden in Sevenoaks this morning listening to this classic tune, I am reminding myself of all of the things I have to be grateful for, starting with my family, my friends, Bonzo, and the sunshine caressing my cheek. It’s a strange and surreal time, particularly as we approach the summer without the usual anticipation of our long-planned holidays with family and friends.  Most are struggling to adjust to the uncertainty and ambiguity of Covid-19 life. We don’t know when or how we will go back to work. How our social life will be managed in the future. We don’t know when we can go to a concert or a sports match again, when we can travel freely, hug without fear, or even have a haircut? It’s tough and stressful to adjust to this way of living.  I know – I’ve been living like this for the past 3 ½ years.  One of my friends reminded me that I’m ‘ahead of the curve’ in that regard.  Living with an incurable disease isn’t the same as navigating life in Covid-19, but it has taught me to live in the moment, to take time to notice and appreciate things I had previously taken for granted, and to take life one day at a time.  Of course, those who know me, know that I love to plan, and, like everyone, I had lots of great plans that have been cancelled due to the pandemic – holidays with my family, a trip to Canada to receive an honorary doctorate, Glastonbury, a 25th-anniversary party, and the list goes on. However, this isn’t new to me – since my diagnosis in November 2016 and subsequent surgeries and chemotherapy, I’ve had to cancel lots of plans and re-arrange my life on an ongoing basis. I’ve realised that I’m actually quite adaptable and resilient. I’m still making plans, and I haven’t given up hope of getting to Nova Scotia to see my mum and our little house by the sea this year.  But, I accept that our new normal is still evolving, and I need to change with it.  In the meantime, I’m going to use this long weekend break from work to enjoy time with the family, have some Zoom calls with friends, bake with India (and continue to put on weight), have some socially-distance runs with Mads, listen to some vinyl and read in my hammock.



7 thoughts on “‘(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay’

  1. Great post Bren. You are doing extremely well with your life considering the surgery’s etc. This virus is terrible for everyone. You have a great attitude, one day at a time and you have lots of plans for everyday to keep all of you going. One great thing for you, Trend, Teddy and India is all of the togetherness and fun things that you have been doing. It is a long time to be at home all of the time for all of you. This likely will never happen again. We hope. It has been so special for all of you To be together. you will have many treasured memories to hold in your hearts. I am always there for you and family. You do have so much to be thankful for. I am so proud of you, your strength and courage through the past Four years. Your family and friends have been wonderful through everything. You have a wonderful family. Continue to enjoy each day. I hope you can still come to Canada for your summer vacation and celebrate your 25th Wedding Anniversary with family and friends here. Your garden looks great thanks to Trendy. He worked hard. Nice photo.
    Love to All
    Mummy xoxo


  2. Lovely to read this Brenda…You are so right about noticing the small things.
    I do hope you can make your trip this year, I’m sure you will make it happen…much love


  3. love your insights and positive outlook! We all have to catch up with you in terms of adapting to this new chapter of coping with plans being unraveled and thwarted but persevering nevertheless. Keep eating like a champion!


  4. Well said – ‘live life in the moment’ – so easy to plan ahead and not absorb the now. Lovely to see you looking relaxed and fit – and that long sweep of fringe / bangs suits you 😉 Like you hoping I can get to back to Ontario to visit my Dad and a very dear Aunt ( who is very ill) – despite all the self-isolation hoops to jump through. Love to you all.


  5. I was missing your updates! Thank you for the literal snapshot of life at the moment. I’m envious of your reading list, your tan, your exercise regime… and also have a ways to go to catch up with your baking prowess 😉 It’ll be a wonderful thing if all your events go ahead – allbeit in alternate form, a few months down the line or even next year (Glastonbury, so sad!). Be well, dear Brenda. xx


  6. Beautiful piece, and two uplifting photos, Brenda. Lessons for us all to be thankful for what we have in this moment and to appreciate how precious the ‘small’ things are. Thank you. Lots of love.


  7. Such a busy 6 months. So great to hear such positivity amongst so many headlines and links to stories of negative thoughts and observations. My own family have also experienced the fragility and isolation that immunotherpay treatments bring and as always, you being ahead of the curve has meant that you are leading the way for others. I wish you safe travels in the future but for now enjoy your vinyls, baking and books.


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