Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ Brenda Lee

D57622DC-7E7D-4BE5-AF30-787CC4AE54C7_1_105_cOkay, so I wasn’t actually ‘rockin’ around the Christmas Tree, but I did have a very nice Christmas.  Along with my Mum who is visiting from Nova Scotia, our friends Bridget and David with their daughter, Elsie and toy poodle, Prince came down from London for Christmas as they do every year.  We played lots of games and laughed a lot, which was lovely.

I am taking it relatively easy with at least one nap a day and am starting some short walks.  I was delighted to wake up on Saturday morning and walk to the petrol station for my papers – it felt ‘normal.’

I’m still working on my weight.  I’ve been consuming as many highly calorific foods as I can and have managed to gain two pounds (up to 106 lbs now!) and I’ve been able to cut my pain meds back to only once a day before bed.  So, all in all, good progress – looking forward to more games on New Year’s Eve when Teddy’s girlfriend, Lottie (who is very competitive), joins us.  Bring them on!

11 thoughts on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ Brenda Lee

  1. All rooting for you Brenda and love the outfit, which is so “Brenda” smart, cheery and stylish!
    Love from Patrick and all your friends at EY Foundation


  2. Great progress Bren, way to go! Rest, reading and board games sounds lovely. We are doing similar activities around here. I wish I was nearby so I could bake you a few high calorie loafs. Keep on munching.
    Lots of love, Louise & Graeme 😃


  3. You’re still my hero…you’ve done more by the age of X2-1/2 than 6 other people’s entire lifetimes combined.


  4. You are looking great Brenda. So brave and positive as always – keep making progress. I‘m thinking of you and hope you have a good new year and that 2020 is a special year x


  5. Happy new year Brenda . You continue to inspire me every day . I love your outfit , it’s so on trend – watch out London Fashion week!
    Wishing the most amazing 2020 – good health and happiness


  6. Great to catch up with your news and see your amazing progress. You continue to be an incredible inspiration!! Looking fabulous and sounding good. Keep it up. Xo J.


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