‘Hanging Around’ (The Stranglers)

It’s almost 4 weeks since my op and I’ve been home for a week and a half.  It’s sooooo good to be home.  My Mom arrived from Canada a week ago and she’ll be with us until January and Teddy came home from University on Wednesday, so we have a house full. 
I’m taking it very easy and not moving far beyond the sofa in the kitchen.  I have a good supply of pain meds and several other drugs to nurse me back to health and a steady supply of Christmas music and Netflix, which is great.  I have had two tiny trips out of the house – last weekend Madelaine took me for coffee at Knole and on Thursday evening Teddy took me up to the town to see the new Star Wars film.  Both felt like big journeys! 
As for my progress, I’m reasonably comfortable and am able to sleep and nap, which helps, and I’m coping with my stoma.  I’m still on a fairly bland diet but am managing to eat and I think I’ve managed to stop losing weight – I’ve stabilised at about 104 lbs (47 kilos).  It’s a good time of year to be trying to gain weight and I have lots of support in the form of bakers in the house, so I expect to be reversing the trend very soon! 
I have a big thank you to say to all of you who have sent supportive messages via the blog site or other means. For phone calls, the visits in hospital and at home, the lovely cards and unnecessary but thoughtful gifts, and I have to shout out Colleen’s Santa videos from Nova Scotia.  I feel so very fortunate and grateful to have so many wonderful, kind, supportive and loving friends.  Have a wonderful Christmas! 


14 thoughts on “‘Hanging Around’ (The Stranglers)

    1. Sending you all the best, warmest down under wishes for your recovery and festive season. Ut was a pleasure to talk with you and I can happily report we are nearly finished drafting our book. Jo Cribb


  1. 😘❤️🎄 Love to read your bright news Brenda. Amazon Prime video tip: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (comedy with drama and good acting)– excellent and Season 3 just came out…. Ditto for Big Little Lies if you haven’t seen that. (Excellent actors – more of current storyline vigettes). Big kiss and love to all from the Wardrops here in Chamonix. x


  2. I’m so very glad that you’re recovering well. So so good to be home. And that you can sleep and nap. Im hoping winter months help with being cozy on the couch and hopefully your strength comes with spring and you’ll be pulled outside. One day at a time. You’ve got this. Happy Christmas ❤️


  3. Really great to hear you’re happy, full of family and getting your strength back. Masses of love and wishing you all a very Happy Christmas. Look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Xxxx


  4. Brilliant to hear you’re home and surrounded by love and family and festive foodstuffs Brenda – keep on keeping on, you’re doing so well!
    Lots of love Harry xx


  5. So pleased to see you back home, relaxing and looking forward to Christmas with your lovely family. Best wishes for Christmas and a happy and health New Year x


  6. Lovely to read the latest, that you are taking it steady, enveloped in home comforts – and priceless Mom company!

    Think of you almost daily. Up and up, sweet lady. Merry Xmas to you all. xx


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