11 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Dear Brenda,
    It’s 1 December, not 1 January but the start of a new month and a new step forward. I send you lots of love and strength for the next 4 weeks until I can tell you 2020 will be a good, good year. I think you are amazing. Keep on walking. Julia xxx


  2. Love seeing you outside in the sunshine with B and I. Just back from brief weekend at Chillingham – boy that was cold! Reception blackout but was thinking of you. Keep going, keep strong. Great to see the daily progress xxxx


  3. Gosh, I want to cry at this! Still coming on leaps and bounds, Brenda! Well done all for the hard work.

    A couple of us Pseudos are in the neighbourhood tomorrow afternoon for check ups. I was really hoping we could drop by if timing allows.


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