Try a little kindness, Glen Campbell


For those of you who know Glen Campbell, you may remember this wonderful song – ‘Try a little kindness’ (and if not, it’s worth having a look on YouTube).  At the end of the week that included World Kindness Day on Tuesday, and after a lovely SLJ run in Knole Park this morning that started with a few warm and lovely hugs from old friends, I thought I should write a short blog to recognise the kindness of so many that I have experienced lately.

Although my chemo finished at the end of April, it has taken me months to get all of the poison out of my system and I probably haven’t felt back to a ‘new normal’ until October.  Many of you will know that I did my best to keep working full-time throughout the chemo with the exception of a few days when I was just too ill to work.  There were some people that assumed that because I wasn’t at home in bed, I was fine and I think they forgot that I was ill.  However, many others have been really sensitive and have shown me a great deal of kindness throughout, recognising that no matter how things look on the outside, living with a rare disease requires a huge amount of mental strength and it’s not the same on the inside.

So, today I want to celebrate and thank all of you who continue to show me such wonderful support, love and kindness.  I appreciate it so much.  And if I get tearful when you give me a hug or show me a small act of kindness, it’s not because I’m sad, it’s because I’m so appreciative.  Maintaining a positive mental attitude is absolutely critical for me and I feel very fortunate to have so many kind and wonderful people helping me to maintain it.  THANK YOU!

5 thoughts on “Try a little kindness, Glen Campbell

  1. Hi Brenda just saw your mom at club on Thursday and asked about you. Glad life is getting back to a new normal. When you see pictures of you we do forget what has been going on inside. You look great. Just this morning I was looking at emails I save. And wondered how you were and then I get your new blog. Glad it’s to just thank people hope you and your family enjoy a very Merry Christmas and the new year bring you good health. Keep up the fight with your attitude it has been paying off. Love you Barb


  2. Bren, you have done amazingly well through everything. I am so proud of you. You are MY ROLE MODEL. You have so many wonderful friends and family that help you to keep going. You are bound to have bad days along with the good days. I pray that you will have more good days than bad days. I am always here for. You. LOTS of LOVE MUMMY XOXO


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