‘Forget You’, Cee Lo Green

It wasn’t easy to find a good tune that actually had the words, ‘F*** You’ in the lyrics, but the uncensored version of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ does the trick, and it’s a great dance tune (and I do love to dance).  It’s a fitting song for the release of the amazing Deborah James’s book, F*** You Cancer which came out last week.  I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the book – my story runs from page 190-196.  Deborah (@bowelbabe) has been a great friend to me throughout my treatment, giving me good advice ahead of and throughout my chemotherapy, and it was great to see her on such good form at her book launch last week.

Last week also marked an important milestone in the 30% Club’s campaign – we finally hit 30% women on the boards of the UK’s largest companies (the FTSE100).  However, we haven’t been breaking open the champagne as this is a collective 30% – some companies are doing exceptionally well and others are still below that level.  It also represents the target of our previous campaign that finished in 2015 – we are now aiming for 30% female representation across the FTSE350 Boards and, more importantly, 30% women in the senior leadership ranks (as a minimum).  Much more to do on that front!

And finally, I wanted to let you all know that I had a CT scan last week and as far as the consultants can tell, there has not been significant (>20%) growth since the last scan in early July.  I still have the disease and the gel (mucin) in my abdomen, but it’s stable for the time being and I’m feeling really well.  Back to dancing around the kitchen to Cee Lo Green!


F*** You Cancer: How to face the big C, live your life and still be yourself

by Deborah James is published by Vermillion 

4 thoughts on “‘Forget You’, Cee Lo Green

  1. Lovely photo Bren. Looking forward to reading the book. You look great and you are so determined to beat cancer and with your positive attitude , “you go girl”. I am there with you!
    Lot of Love
    Mum xo


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