Running up that hill

It’s just over 3 weeks since my chemo ended and slowly I am getting my taste buds back.  I have started jogging at the weekends again but it’s slow going.  I know my expectations are too high, but I have never been one to have to stop and walk.  However, I am now finding that this is what I have to do.  I have to accept that it will take some time to get back in shape.

I had my end of chemo scans the week before last and also my follow up with Dr. Krell, my oncologist.  After the first 3 months the scans showed that the volume of mucin (fluid) in my abdomen has reduced and my blood tests showed that all of my tumour markers are in normal range.  At the end of 6 months the mucin volume was stable (the same as at the 3 month mark) and the tumour markers are all still in normal range.  As a result, we have agreed to stop the chemo and I will have a scan and blood test every three months to see how things are going.  This is good news.  As it’s low grade and slow growing, the expectation is that it will stay this way for some time.

It will take about 6 months for all of the chemo to be out of my system, but by 3 months I should be feeling back to normal.

I’m pleased with the result and very happy to be off the chemo and the steroids.  I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy food and drink again and as Kate Bush says ‘Running Up That Hill’ soon.


10 thoughts on “Running up that hill

  1. Hi Brenda glad to here things are looking up. You are strong and you will get back to your normal before you know it. Take care thinking and praying for you. Your moms friend Barb


  2. Just started following your blog, as I suffer from PMP and finished chemo in November I’m finding it an interesting read. Unfortunately chemo for me didn’t reduce anything, do you mind me asking what regime you were on? Kind regards and best wishes 💪🏻 You will feel so much better in a few weeks and be back jogging 🏃‍♀️ further


    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for your message. I look forward to feeling better (and dropping my extra steroid weight!). My chemo regime was a combination of FOLFOX and Avastin. What was yours and how are you doing? Brendax


      1. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I was probably 3 months post chemo before fitness wise I got back to some form of normality. I road cycle, and so many gum classes plus walking. I went to Pilates throughout unless I was having a bad day, which you will know all about. You sound like you are doing fantastic! I was on oxmyplatin, so I might ask about your chemo regime.
        My neuralgia type side effects disappeared as well 👍.


      1. It didn’t work for me either so at the moment I live my life, keep very fit, eat what I like within reason and await each consultant appt with dread. I refused my 6 month post chemo/routine scan and am due to see my local consultant in November where I suspect a 2nd surgery maybe be discussed.
        How are you feeling? I have minimal side effects so hopefully a second surgery could wait… xx


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