It’s been a great week and I am still finding this whole cancer thing a bit surreal. Last weekend I was in Nova Scotia having a great time with my mum – we shopped, had lunch with my cousin, coffee with some good friends and did Christmas cards with some champagne while watching a Christmas film. Lovely. I finished the trip with a 30% Club Breakfast event in Halifax on the Monday morning and was back on Tuesday in time to see Teddy in one of the starring roles in the Tonbridge performance of Chess. Wednesday was Chemo round 2 and once again, it was quite a nice relaxing day. Bridget came for a while and my brother Barrie popped in to visit, I had a reflexology session and Trend took me home at suppertime. Thursday and Friday were normal busy days with my chemo pump cleverly hidden under my blouse and I really felt great, although the neuralgia in my fingers was quite bad with the cold.

This weekend has been a bit more slow and subdued and perhaps a bit too much time to think. I needed the extra sleep and quiet time but it made me feel like a ‘sick person’ and I hate being a ‘sick person’. Luckily Madelaine came and got me out for a walk with Bonzo on Saturday and a gentle jog with the dogs in Knole Park this afternoon. Good to get back to our runs!

Overall, I’m still feeling quite positive and upbeat. So far the chemo is only taking me out of action for a day every two weeks and it’s quite a nice day to catch up with friends (95 Harley Street if you fancy popping round). Side effects aren’t too bad yet and I’m still able to do all of the things I want to do. 2 cycles down and 10 to go – if this is what it takes, bring it on!

4 thoughts on “Roar

  1. Brenda, you have done very well. I know that you like to be on the run all of the time. That is great as long as you get your naps. I am always thnking of you. You have so many well wishers and visitors and that will help your positivy and determination. I am just a call away . Lots of Love.
    Mummy XOXO


  2. Brenda, so inspir d by your great attitude! Let me know next Chemo time 95 Harley St as I’m keen to hang out. Hugs, Tamara


  3. You are so strong Brenda just like your mom. Keep it up I say an extra prayer each night for you. Thanks for the card. Barb


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