From Basingstoke to Nova Scotia

Apologies to the Proclaimers for that mutilation of their lyric. Eagle-eyed pop pickers will have noticed that I’ve changed the header photo on the blog. It seemed fitting as we’ve come quite a long way since Brenda started this webpage. From a starting point, akin to standing on the edge of a precipice with a uncertain path and destination, Brenda has made steady and sure footed progress. The journey is not quite complete but, she feels that she is about eighty five percent fit now. She has managed her first flight, the only discomfort being due to her (dare I say) slimmed down ‘derrière’ which we should have taken a cushion to accommodate.

With a morning’s only return to work on the horizon the good work continues in the exercise department. The running buddies met this morning and our very own Wonder Woman was able to cut a dash in appropriately styled running tights sourced by the ever-dependable Madelaine.




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