Operation Brenda

I left Brenda this morning at the doors to the operating theatre. We took a photo of and gave a kiss to Brenda’s tummy button which she’ll lose in the process. I will hear from Brendan the surgeon around lunchtime as to how things are progressing.

5 thoughts on “Operation Brenda

  1. Dear Brenda, Thinking of you today and wishing you every good will. Looking forward to hearing you are through it and back to 100% soonest. Best wishes, Julia


  2. Dear Brenda and Trend
    Truett and I are praying for the perfect surgery. For all to go miraculously well and for you both to be filled with a sense of peace about this operation and recovery. We know that you’re both strong and champions in the world. May your strength carry you through all of this with ease and great recovery. God bless.


  3. Good morning, Brenda! It is great to hear that you are “up and at’ em” this morning! Why am I not surprised! 🙂

    That said, I have heard that some folks saw my posting to you yesterday…..and some haven’t and, believe it or not, I have been requested to repost (Trump understands these things (apparently!)!), but…….I wrote it spontaneously! So……this is my best recollection (ask me to rewrite it again tomorrow and it’ll change more!):

    “Brenda! This is just a quick message to remind you how many thousands of people here in ANZ are pulling for you, sending good vibes and praying for your safe and rapid recovery! You have inspired so many with your indomitable spirit, positive attitude, charisma and passion! Let us send a bit of that inspiration back to you in support! As you husband says (and hopefully elicits a smile each time!): “hard boiled eggs and nuts”!””

    The sentiment remains, young lady! We are all with you and your lovely family!


  4. Hi Brenda, I hear the op has been a success and that you are in very chatty form! Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Sending lots of love. Leyla and Mark xx


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