Operation Brenda update

B’s surgeon, Mr Moran, has just called to say that although it was larger than he thought that he has been able to resect the entire tumour in Brenda’s abdomen. He has taken the long list of organs forecast and a couple more bits and bobs. The great news is that he has been able to preserve certain things that would have compromised B’s quality of life – so very positive. It has been a big operation to date, with four or so hours left to go. As a consequence she will be kept asleep all night…which saves me from another night in the children’s ward. No news on the tummy button front.

4 thoughts on “Operation Brenda update

  1. Julie at ÂNZ has just informed me of Brenda s operation and cancer and I have just read her blog I feel terrible as I did not know until now and not been able to support my friend . My prayers and thoughts as with you Brenda and the family . Hang in there , we are all with you xx


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