7 thoughts on “Thank You for Being a Friend

  1. Brenda was an Inspiration (with a CAPITAL I) for all those who knew her well, just a little and not much at all. She was so spirited, committed, game, clever, generous and fun. I am thinking of her fabulous supportive family, many, many friends who went along on the journey and all those whose lives she touched. If I could, I would “Be More Brenda” in a heartbeat. I always thought the world of her.


  2. Brenda was an amazing lady and I doubt that I know half of what she did. I’m sending all of our love to you, Mark, Teddy and India. Do let me know if you need help with anything. If the funeral isn’t limited to close family and close friends, please let me know the details. Joanna N x


  3. Brenda was an inspiration and did so much to support women in business both through major initiatives such as the 30% club but also on a very personal and individual level.


  4. Brenda’s spirit will live on forever and let us all celebrate her incredible life. May she Rest In Peace and may her family and close friends find comfort in their happy memories of this remarkable woman.


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