A billion degrees outside and we’re back in Basingstoke. Markers shown in a blood test last week suggested that all was not well. A general decline in Brenda’s va-va-voom made us hop in the car for an accelerated follow up. As a result we are back in the clinic. A course of intravenous antibiotics has been started and its effect has produced a positive response.

With any luck Brenda will be home by early next week and our plans to visit Nova Scotia will remain intact. As ever, Brenda is looking a million dollars despite this blip.

15 thoughts on “Remedy

  1. Hope the trip to NS does go ahead and that you have a wonderful time. Keep going Team Trenowden – you’re awesome!


  2. What a team – too practised in the art of getting to hospital fast though 😦 . Hoping the Bonz will ask for his canajun friend for a walk, while you are down in Basingstoke?


  3. Brenda, we sure hope to see you and the family in Nova Scotia. We send our love and encouragement
    Leslie and Allan


  4. Only You Brenda. Remember – we want to support you through the tough times too. You are amazing! 😍
    Great Team Trenowden
    Sending love and biggest wishes for the Nova Scotia adventure …,, XX


  5. Sending you strength and affection for your recovery – a trip to NS will be good for your soul!! Canada will welcome you and yours with open arms. Miss you. Janice


  6. May NS be restorative & hope you enjoy every minute. Bon Voyage. Thinking of you as ever Brenda & sending much love xox


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