Oops!…I did it again

Duff information central here. STOP PRESS Brenda’s stoma has not been moved. Somehow muggins here, picked up this snippet of information. When I first spoke to Brenda yesterday I passed on this information. Fuelled by Fentanyl, this sent Brenda into a vortex of confusion which at one stage had one of the nurses believing her stoma had swapped sides. Anyway, let’s strike this from the record for good and celebrate a bit of Brenda that is still intact.

Today Brenda sounded remarkably like herself and as you can see she is looking as good as anyone with something stuck up their nose can. She has spent five hours sitting up in a La Z Boy type chair which is a new and welcome addition to the ICU. I have ‘Facetimed’ her a couple of times and have, despite a couple of false starts, made an appointment for her to have her haircut on the 29th April as ordered. It seems Brenda has started working through her new ‘to do’ list already.

Otherwise there is little to report. This first stage is pretty much riding the wave of the extraordinary trauma such a big operation causes. I shall pop down to give her a wave through the window tomorrow and let’s keep our fingers crossed that her stay remains as uneventful as possible. Thanks to everyone for their heartfelt good wishes and for all the kind offers of help and menu planning. India is immersed in her IB and Teddy is back from University so we are pretty self contained.

13 thoughts on “Oops!…I did it again

  1. Fantastic update Trend – you’ve really captured all the key points – including Brenda working on her to do list! Very Brenda indeed! She’s an inspiration to us all – sending love and prayers to you all 👏🏼👏🏼♥️♥️


  2. Great to see the smiles, and to hear you’re sounding like yourself Brenda. Appreciate the updates and sending much love and support to Brenda and family.


  3. Many thanks Trend. Make sure you keep up with the “to do’s” on Brenda’s list!! Frankly she looks amazing, better than most people most mornings. Sending very best wishes and much love.


  4. Such a fabulous smile! I’m so glad that you’re able to maintain contact. Fingers firmly crossed for steady progress.


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