Eye of the Tiger

For the first time in several years I returned to the Boxing Club on Friday morning and, gosh, it was hard.   I should explain that I’m on a short work break as I resigned from my job at ANZ and finished on the 12th April.   At 51 I have decided that I have done my time as a Banker and it’s time for a new career that’s more aligned to my sense of purpose.  I have had this in mind for some time, and finally I took the plunge.  If all goes well, I will start my new role in early June (stay tuned…).

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my short break – doing lots of 30% Club work, some cricket work for the ECB, meeting up with friends and sorting things out at home.  I think Trend is looking forward to me going back to work next month!


4 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. Great news Brenda, I was wondering about you yesterday when I read your latest Linked In post.

    Work that we enjoy and find purpose in is really not work at all!

    Very best of wishes and can’t wait to here of your latest adventures.

    Jacky x


  2. Sounds really positive & exciting! Let’s make a date for walk & lunch… perhaps w Paul & Trend? In TO for a week, but back May 17th… you around the following week?


  3. Good for you Bren . Life is about changes. You will do well. Follow your heart!
    I am right there behind you. Looking forward to our weekend together.
    Lots of Love
    Mum xoxo


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