Ladies Night

So much for a day off for Chemo Bloodwork. We have just two chemo sessions to go then we can say goodbye to the noxious clear liquids. There has definitely been some wear and tear on her but, Brenda keeps on keeping on. For an update, if you missed her on the World Service yesterday or BBC Five Live this morning, she’ll be on Newsnight tonight.


The BBC Newsnight bullet dodged, we are back in the swing of things at home. Brenda has just finished her eleventh chemo session. A fabulous turn out to the ‘chemo salon’…we’re going to have to get a bigger driveway for the last one in a fortnight’s time.





One thought on “Ladies Night

  1. It’s great to read that you are nearly there, Brenda. Everyone at the Women’s Equality Party wishes you well as you approach the back end of chemo. I hope that the advent of spring means you’ll be able to put the Canada Goose and the hand-warmers away for a bit. Thinking of you.


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