Mr Blue Sky

There has been no need to update the blog lately as we have seen so many of you in person. It has been great to celebrate Brenda’s ‘Not her birthday’, Canada Day and ‘Brenda’s actual birthday’ with so many friends and the odd relation (odd – meant in the kindest way. Soon we will catch up with the folks in sunny (you hear that Canada…sunny) Nova Scotia and the celebrations can all start again.

This evening we have been to Teddy’s second gig at the Grey Lady in Tunbridge Wells. Brenda and I both agree that watching, listening and willing him on has been one of the most stressful parts of parenting we’ve experienced. I’ve attached the raw footage of ‘Blue Skies’ written by Teddy with an eye to the last six months. Rather touchingly India burst into tears when she learned this and listened to it again. It is a lovely tribute to Brenda and quite catchy, too.


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