Feelin’ Groovy

A brief update. It seems that we have the drugs under control having gone down a notch on the Buprenorphine patch to 10mg. The patient is fighting to get to the next stage but, Doctor Killpatient (me) may insist we stick to the real doc’s guidelines. That said, after a long walk with Teddy this morning, a chilled out day and then a romp around the house with the dog this evening, things look pretty sunny at the moment. Pain free, India working her magic with her massages and just the tightness around the wound to contend with. Next stop, the physio, methinks.


One thought on “Feelin’ Groovy

  1. Looking good Bren. Love the shades. Listen to Trendy and stick to the format of going off the pain med. Lots of Love Mummy XOXO


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