Trainspotting 3

‘tomato soup, ten tins of; mushroom soup, eight tins of, for consumption cold; ice cream, vanilla, … ‘ (you have to have seen the movie.) Wait a minute hold up there… there isn’t a Trainspotting 3, I hear you cry. In a scene reminiscent of Renton’s detox in the film Trainspotting, Brenda endured her own cold turkey situation last night. This horrible setback prompted some feverish Googling which led us to the conclusion that Buprenorphine patches aren’t just removed at one fell swoop. Hastily our remaining patch was reapplied and thankfully worked its magic through the night. This morning an APB to our tame medical guru confirmed our suspicions and starting next week we try to wean her off the patches 5mgs at a time.

True to form, bouncing back, Brenda made it up to London for a lunch date with the Hillside Mums (a group of ladies with boys in Teddy’s house.) New jeans too, always a fillip, to fit her new supermodel frame.

An eventful day was capped by me making quinoa. Following the orders of my daughter delivered through the door of her bathroom . Unbeknownst to everyone I’d selected Oat Bran as the vital ingredient. Fortunately as it is a Friday night and I am a bloke I had taken the precaution of making some ‘safety’ chips (fries). Another potential disaster averted…result.


Lunch at La Petite Maison with Clare, Jane and Christiane.




One thought on “Trainspotting 3

  1. Lovely photo Ladies. Nice that you could make it Bren. Once your meds are sorted out, it should go well. Thinking of you. Lots of Love. Mum XOXO


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