Hound of Love

All sorts of rules being broken here but, I put it down to pre Bonzo haircut blues. Teddy and Brenda are simultaneously reading Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and comparing notes. I have inexplicably been left out of this highbrow exercise.

A nice mention for Brenda on BBC Women’s Hour today which was discussing the Young Woman’s fear of having smear tests. A nice billing and a quote of her tweet that a ‘smear test saved my life.’ Isn’t there a song about a DJ doing that…?

We have the mighty Pedro Blandford’s stew for supper (yes, we still have some) and Adele’s delicious looking chickpea soup lined up for tomorrow. Thanks guys, very sweet of you.


4 thoughts on “Hound of Love

  1. Yo!

    Just got your details through from the wonderful Lucinda W.

    Terrible to hear about your illness but awesome to see you taking the bull by the horns and taking control (not like you at all). Hmmmmnnn.

    I will track your improvements. Massive hugs to you.

    Buff xx

    (You may want to rethink that purple sofa whilst you have time on your hands)


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