O Canada

A super human effort from Brenda’s BFF Uni-friend Jeanette to visit from Ontario was the highlight of the week. A week that saw a gentle uptick in Brenda’s improvement and an end to ups and downs in pain management. Visits from Bid, Gab, Bee, Robin and Jane. Francoise and Jane from Brenda’s office and Emily all the way from sunny Yorkshire. For all you amateurs in the True North with your 35 cm of snow as you can see we’re inundated here…but, don’t worry we’ll rebuild.


3 thoughts on “O Canada

  1. Lovely photo. You are doing very well Bren and wonderful support from all of your friends. You are on your way now to a great recovery. Keep up the good work. Lots of love Mum XOXO


  2. Lovely photo. You are doing very well Bren with the support of all of your family and friends. So proud and pleased for you. Lots of love Mum xoxo


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