Sometimes you have to laugh, given last night’s experience when Brenda had a very bad reaction to a new pain medicine. Returning from a ‘parent’s evening’ I found her kneeling on the kitchen floor sobbing. Brenda had put out an APB to a doctor friend and she dropped everything and rushed over. The visit settled Brenda and our friend also set up the dominoes should we need to rush her to A&E so that the’d be expecting her. Eventually, full of pills and potions Brenda relaxed a bit and was able to sleep and a trip to A & E averted. With that in mind, an email reminder for an interview scheduled for a feature in Good Housekeeping Magazine next week couldn’t have arrived at a less opportune time! (no offence intended F if you are reading this.) Suffice it to say, Brenda has had a bit of a set back and one that we were unprepared for, time for some hard yakka to get us over this bump.

Two lovely parcels received to aid the recovery one from an unknown source via Selfridges. The other from the Isle of Wight (including farm sourced bread for medicinal toast) from our very own Nova Scotian Super Heroine.


2 thoughts on “Centrefold

  1. Lovely inspiring photo Bren. So sorry about your setback. I think that mummy left you too soon. Thank goodness for wonderful friends. I hope that today is a much better day. LOTS OF LOVE MUMMY XOXO


  2. Dear Brenda, so sorry you are having such a rough reaction to the medication and pain relief. My husband had neck cancer and found it really tough too. We really missed you at the Hampton Alexander Review Advisory Group meeting yesterday – your ears must have been on fire!

    We are all really thinking of you. Helene

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