The Teardrop Explodes

fullsizeoutput_5e62.jpegIt’s 3 weeks and 2 days since my surgery and, as my surgeon said as he hugged me goodbye when I left the clinic, ‘You’re sailing through’. If I think back to 3 weeks ago today, I was in intensive care hooked up to more tubes and machines than I could count, and was so appreciative that I think I cried when Philippa from ICU offered to bathe me and found a makeshift way to wash my hair with a microwave shower cap. Today I am at home with my family with no tubes or staples, I can shower every morning, wear my own clothes, sleep in my own bed and eat a limited diet of white carb high calorie food. The human body is an amazing thing.

Don’t get me wrong, as with all long sailing trips, there are periods of smooth sailing in sunshine with good wind, but there are also very stormy seas where I am clipped on but being thrown around the deck in high winds – often both in the same day.

My scar runs from my breastbone down to my pelvic bone and I’ve had more taken out of me than I had expected. As a result, things inside are still settling into their new positions and recovering from stitching, bruising, etc. I’ve also been splayed out crucifix-style for more than 10 hours in surgery, which is not a natural position.   Consequently, both the internal and external fasciae are still adjusting to the new me, and I find it hard to sit or lie in one position for very long.

The good news is that my body is clearly working overtime to heal, as I seem to be burning huge amounts of calories and expending a lot of energy on very minor tasks. Although I was warned, I am still surprised that after having a shower, I need to lie down for a few minutes and rest before drying my hair. I am fine with visitors for an hour or two, but then I need to rest. So, I have lots of short naps.

Bottom line? It’s hard going, but it could be so much worse. All of your wonderful cards, gifts, messages, videos and calls have made and continue to make such a difference. I can’t put into words how overwhelmed I am by all of the kindness, love, support, school lifts, dog walks, meals and generosity that we have enjoyed and experienced. Because of it, I am getting stronger every day and I know that I will be fighting fit again in a couple of months.

THANK YOU! (Wonder Woman lanyard just arrived, thanks Maria)

9 thoughts on “The Teardrop Explodes

  1. Wonderful news to hear you are getting stronger every day. It is truly amazing how much progress you’ve made in 3 weeks. x


  2. You’ve done great under all points of view Brenda, your groupies are proud of you.
    For me it has been the proof, once again, that leadership is something you can demonstrate everwhere, not only in C-suites and boards, and anytime, when all is good, but also when it’s less good.

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  3. Hi Brenda. Apologies for not being in touch sooner. I am so pleased it has gone well. You were fighting fit before and you will be again in the not too distant future. You have the perfect approach and, I can see, tons of support. Just not too much day time TV? Warmest regards. Tom. P.S. I never got a hug from your surgeon!


  4. It must feel like a hideously painful slog but you’re nailing it! Every day your progress is extraordinary and so great to see. Xxxx


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