Big girls do cry

So many steps in the right direction and lots of positive news. Brenda is no longer connected to anything, she is walking freely, there is evidence that the surgeons reconnected everything and even talk of going home. However, Brenda has not had a proper night’s sleep to date which would be draining without the trauma of the radical surgery. Despite the smiley face and all the good news she had a difficult morning. Lots of nice attention from Constantina, today’s nurse and a shower perked her up a little. A whirlwind visit from Gabrielle (which failed to add to her collection of cardboard politician proved a distraction. I left Madelaine, who has pulled hundreds of miles on the clock of her car for us, with her. Hopefully she will catch some Zzzzs and feel more upbeat tomorrow. A bit of a lump in the throat day for me too.




8 thoughts on “Big girls do cry

  1. Great to see you off those machines, which of course are a blessing of science, but still very uncomfortable.
    Not sleeping is known to be a very effective torture that can bend even the strongest, so no surprise you feel blue. Hope you zzzzz tight and have lovely dreams too.
    A big hug


  2. Brend & Trend….a tough time for both of you, in different ways…….Sending hugs and with your tunes theme……Things can only get better x


  3. Totally reasonable to have some really pretty down moments. I hope B is feeling ok about feeling crap some of the time – as a very wise friend of mine once said – “it’s no good beating yourself up about something you already feel bad about.” I hope the sleep thing starts to improve, that is so utterly debilitating. We send love no matter what the mood.


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