Workin’ in a coalmine

From the coalface…

‘When I feel bad I start going through my gratitude checklist – found it early, able to take it all out, no stoma and no more chemo and hopefully no more cancer and in a couple of weeks I will be home!  However, it’s amazing the small things can have a disproportionate impact-not being able to get out of bed or even get comfortable on my own, not being able to have a shower or wash on my own, inability to sleep properly and night sweats.  They are all so minor in the grand scheme of things, but I could be reduced to tears by any one of them.  At the same time, having made some friends with the ICU team, when they pop in to say hi and cheer me on, that makes all the difference as well.  It is certainly an experience that tells you a lot about yourself.’



9 thoughts on “Workin’ in a coalmine

  1. Dear Brenda, you’re a total star, so proud of you – you’re setting an amazing example – lots of love and a big hug
    Diana xxxx


  2. Don’t sweat the small will all come together in due time. You are so day at a time..Love and hugs from all of us.xoxoxoxox


  3. You’re so right to count your blessings. I’ve just been reading about happiness and how we should focus our attention on the things that make us happy and bring us pleasure-not dwell on the other stuff. So when you’re awake at night with night sweats and discomfort just know that every minute is taking you away from illness to good times with family and friends. We love you. Xxxx


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