You’re so vein

The armchair analyst (aka me) believes that the post-op euphoria of ‘I’m alive, its over, recovery here I come’ has given way to…’oh it is a week later and I feel crappy and I’m still full of holes and tubes.’ I would say that the mood has plateaued to a degree and at bedtimes definitely dipped

However, with these ups and downs good news can be just around the corner. A visit from Mr Moran (World’s equal finest surgeon (IMHO) with Riaz Khan) precipitated the removal of the ‘snoz’ tube today, which made Brenda feel better. This was followed by the arrival of our anaesthetist who said that he’d been given the go ahead to remove Brenda’s remaining stomach drain, her large chest drain and to reposition her mainline. A short trip to theatre later Brenda re-appeared slightly the worse for wear and with the mainline awkwardly set in her neck. After a snooze Brenda perked up somewhat realising that with fewer connections she was slightly more mobile in bed. Dianne, B’s Mummy, and I left her looking forward to a 6.30pm date with the physiotherapist. Fingers crossed that she has a good night.

A nice message from the ladies of the City Women’s Network today, thanks all.


3 thoughts on “You’re so vein

  1. Nice long visit with Bren today. So pleased that she got rid of some or the main tubes and that she will be more comfortable. Her walking has improved even though it is short. Each day will get better.

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  2. I’m sure B will be more comfortable without all those tubes and easier for her to get on with physio. Please pass on my good wishes to her. Following her progress daily. She has good good genes, probably inherited from the Short family! You can’t keep us down! Passing on a gentle hug.

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  3. You probably think this comment is about you…’re right:). A dip after all you’ve been through is what most of us non-wonder-women would expect. Hang on in there baby and all will be fine x

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