A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

I visited Brenda this morning in the Intensive Care Unit. I found her in a very much post-op state. Still on the ventilator and very subdued. She mouthed ‘I’m alive’ to me and I was able to give her a kiss and hold her hand. Almost immediately I was asked to leave while some of the drains and the ventilator were removed. An hour or so later I returned to find her in acute discomfort despite a self-administered morphine drip. A doctor managed to give a boost to her epidural and eventually the pain eased.

A visit from the x-ray department meant that she had sit up and she found this helped with her breathing. This perked her up to a degree and she was able to talk. The arrival of her running buddy Madeleine was a great distraction and she and I chatted while Brenda was happy to zone out.

This afternoon she underwent another dose of chemo (I believe there will be one or two more), which left her feeling nauseous and tired. I left her this evening, eyeshades in place, pretty zonked out. The doctor will add morphine to her epidural to help her sleep tonight.

On the positive side the doctors are very happy with her progress and are amazed by her fitness. A patient’s heart rate might be around 100 after an operation such as this – hers is 50.

Bullish as ever, she is doing her breathing exercises to aid her recovery but, it goes without saying that she is quite poorly. Thanks again for all the great messages it was great to be able to read them out to her.


10 thoughts on “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  1. So pleased to see the recovery starts now! Well done Brenda- you’re one of the toughest person I know! You’re in our daily thoughts and prayers, love Diana, Luis, Seb & Mimi xxx


  2. You are the strongest woman I know…you will recover quickly and be old bubbly old self again soon…We are all thinking of you and the Family…..stay strong…


  3. Astonishing but removing appendix, spleen, uterus, ovaries and gallbladder was bad enough without removing the nail polish as well xx Trend….sort it please 🙂

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  4. Trend thank you so much for giving us such a full update. I’m so glad today went as well as could be expected, sounds like it’s tough but not tougher than her! I hope you are also feeling ok and well supported.


  5. Never been so happy to receive a thumbs up! You got this, Brenda! Hoping the pain is manageable and they keep you comfortable! Sending you positive healing vibes…CM and I plan to dance together on Friday in your honour! Video to follow….


  6. Great to hear from you Trend. Brenda is a fighter. I’m sure this is tougher than you make it sound. We are rooting for brens to stay strong, positive and beat this sh..
    Go girl!!!!


  7. Go Brenda! Here’s to getting stronger at every milestone. We are all with you, at every step of the way.
    Huge love to you gorgeous girl!
    B&J xx


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