So after ten hours the operation is done and we are assured a success. Mr Moran has resected the tumour and removed Brenda’s appendix, spleen, uterus, ovaries and gallbladder. He has also performed a right hemicolectomy  but he has preserved all sorts of other bits which means she will not have to have a stoma fitted. This is fantastic news and will buoy her up a great deal

Thanks to everyone for their love and positive thoughts. I can’t thank Brendan Moran, the surgeon and his team enough what a superhuman effort. Over 400 people in 10 countries have been in touch which is a tribute to my ‘Wonder Woman’ wife.

23 thoughts on “End-ex

    1. Hi Dianne – appreciate that you will be focusing on visiting Brenda – would be lovely to catch up – lets fix a date on the diary for lunch. Also – happy to pick up India from school if Trend needs to be at the hospital.


  1. That’s fantastic news Mark, I”m so delighted for B and for you all. What a relief! I’d been fervently checking facebook and hadn’t thought to refresh this page, so glad I finally clued up. Will be thinking of you in the morning. Lots of love from all of us.


  2. Wonderful news! Brenda, you are wonder woman! You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers today along with the doctors. You are strong and in the best shape to triumph over this challenge. How fitting that you and Trend are journaling this journey for others to share and benefit. Now, we are here for you. Let us take care of you as you have for your family, freinds and colleagues. xoxo


  3. Thank you for the updates throughout today – been thinking of Brenda, you, Teddy and India all day today.

    A 10 hour op – wow! That’s some marathon Brenda’s been through…….

    Praying for a safe and speedy recovery for Brenda and thinking of all of you.


    On Wed, 4 Jan 2017 at 18:14, Brenda won’t back down wrote:

    > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > brendawontbackdown posted: “The operation complete Brenda is now in the > Intensive Care Unit heavily sedated. The team will wake her up 8-9 am > tomorrow. Mr Moran believes he has been able to remove all the disease. He > also removed Brenda’s appendix, spleen, gall bladder, uterus, ova” > > > > > > > > > >


  4. Been thinking of you all day. Delighted to hear that all’s on track. Brenda will be rocking out to her favourite 80s playlist before you know it. We’re with you every step of the way. Huge love Lucinda, Max, Will and Zed xxxxx


  5. So pleased it’s all gone smoothly – some marathon! Thinking of you and Brenda all day – thank you for such prompt updates. jxxx


  6. Oh , I have been thinking and praying for Brenda and you all, all day. Thanks for the update and so pleased that the surgeon is happy with how the op went.
    Just loads of love to you all. Much love clare x


  7. So delighted to hear all has gone well and the operation has been a success. Sending hugs and love for a speedy recovery.


  8. You have all been in our thoughts and my prayers and so relieved its over and ‘gone well’ as you describe – but admit to being horrified at the extent of it the procedure. Brave lady – with such a wonderfully supportive husband – backed up by a powerful network of well wishers.


  9. Thanks for the update. Good news the operation is over and now onto speedy recovery! Best wishes and lots of positive thoughts.


  10. Mom (Doreen Hepburn), Les and myself are over the moon to hear that the surgery went well. Sending Brenda, Trend, Teddy & India our love and best wishes.


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