From Brenda’s blog 23rd November 2016

Finally met the famous Brendan Moran today and am feeling so much better. He was very thoughtful and considered, kind, nice, straight-talking and confidence-inspiring. Even though he confirmed that I have this horrific one in a million form of cancer, that I’ve had it for some time and that I will need major surgery with a long, hard recovery, I am feeling very positive and relieved. He said that he thinks he can cure me and he seemed quite confident of that. He has done 700-800 of these operations himself and his team at the Hampshire Clinic have done 1300-1400. They have surpassed the American specialists, so they really are the pseudomyxoma peritonei specialists. I am in the best possible hands, I have a date for surgery in early January, I can have a normal Christmas and he says that my good health and fitness will be big positives in terms of the surgery and recovery. He was very clear that it will be a tough surgery and very tough recovery, but I’m not frightened of that. I have a plan, I have a date and I have a good prognosis in terms of a cure. V, v relieved. Bring on the holidays, bring on the runs and spin classes and bring on the surgery! I will muster all my ‘SISU’ for January!

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