Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

I hadn’t counted on it raining when I embarked on this morning’s visit. Nor that my presence in the car park would require an ABP being issued to deal with the strange man hanging around the refuse disposal area. Oh for a simple Hazmat Suit. Despite these tribulations, I got to see and talk to Brenda through the window on the phone for half an hour. I was able to drop off some mail and I left her delighting at the news that our Ocado order had all gone wrong without her overseeing things.

No sooner had I arrived home than I received a message with the attached. Brenda being escorted from ICU to her room on the Ward. This seems to have happened in double-quick time. Although as yet she is still totally plumbed into everything and we are still at the baby steps stage.

18 thoughts on “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

    1. Omg talk about creating memories! Thank you again so much for sharing these amazing moments especially Brenda’s smiling face … so much joy. Still a long road ahead but we are all rooting Brenda and family along and sending so much love. 💜


  1. It’s not bad to have Hillary standing by to wheel you around, Brenda! It’s wonderful to see that smile! xxx


  2. Hi Brenda, I am enjoying your phone calls to me each morning. Love the big smiles! Great to see Trendy outside waiting to chat with you. See you in the morning. Sleep well tonight. Lots of Love Mummy xx


  3. Incredible. But not surprised. Wonderful news. Keep up the good fight, all of you! Best, Heather and Ken


  4. True champion … the nose ring may catch on …’ as worn by THE inspiring Brenda T’ So delighted to see you up & about do quickly .


  5. Ah, this is brilliant. Makes me very happy to see the photo from inside looking out (a free shower for you, Trend?!) surrounded by Hillary and Superwoman and all the other helpful accoutrements. Doubly happy, of course, to see our magnificent Brenda being moved to her own room. You’re a pro at this alright :o) I’m also warmed by the support I hear you’re receiving.

    Hope your pain is being kept in check… and that the countdown of tubes being removed will begin soon. So funny your Ocado comment, Trend. Onwards, dear dear friends! xx

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  6. I love that Hilary was on hand to push Brenda back to the ward! Fantastic progress and a wonderful smile 😊


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