10 thoughts on “Breakfast in Basingstoke (sic)

  1. Looking good Bren. I hope that you enjoy breakfast. We hope that each day is better for you. Lots of Love. Mummy xoxoxo


  2. Great to see Brenda up with her breakfast. It’ll be cocktails and dancing in no time. Intrigued by the super duper pants:-)


  3. Thank you Trend for sharing Brenda with us. There is not a day that has gone by that I have not had Brenda and the clan in my thoughts. She is a friend whom I can not admire enough for all she does for others here, there and everywhere. Please share with her that we are WITH HER in spirit. We send a lot of love and sunshine from Palo Alto and Stanford to you. Be strong and soak up the love. I look forward to news of your recovery every morning here on the West Coast. With love to you and big warm hugs, Anne


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