Under my thumb



A plan to get Brenda out of Intensive Care today didn’t come to fruition. Her blood pressure is still low and the nurses are trying to coax it upwards. Lots of good things though. She now looks more herself and was able to Facetime her Mom to sing her Happy Birthday. The physios managed to ease her into a chair for two half-hour stints and she also made two exploratory circuits of the ICU unit supported by a gaggle of acolytes. Very importantly, she was able to give her son a kiss in the flesh. I left her this evening freshly plumbed into a unit of the red stuff in the company of Madelaine.

12 thoughts on “Under my thumb

  1. Thank you for the update!  I’m sure Diane enjoyed the Birthday wishes!Stay strong Trend!The BurkesSent from my Bell Samsung device over Canada’s largest network.


  2. All good stuff is red…socks,wine,kisses,blood! How wonderful you could FaceTime your Mum – the best birthday present for her! Thinking of you! Lots of Love Bomber.


  3. I’m amazed by the gadding about the unit! Hope the pesky blood pressure gets the message and starts to co-operate. Steady as she goes x


  4. Your progress is amazing Brenda – singing to your mum, bet she was chuffed to bits! Keep on keeping on and you will be out of ITU in no time
    Lots of love xxx


  5. Great progress. One step at a time. Hugs

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  6. I hope the blood pressure gets moving in the right direction. I love the socks – Wonder Woman has nothing on you!! Great to hear that Teddie made it in to see you and that you managed to face time your Mum. Love to you all xxx


  7. I was ecstatic to hear that you were awake and breathing on your own Tuesday! It made me realise that I had not been breathing either for a full day!

    But to see how you are right now and … singing happy bday to your mom…. is just beyond belief.

    You are simply amazing. I think I will have a real size carton of you made for my office!

    Thinking of you and sending you lots of Canadian strong positive vibes!
    Go Brenda!!!

    A team Brenda member!


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