Brenda calling

IMG_8180.JPGWith sparkling  gnashers and phone in hand Brenda looks fab this morning. The phone isn’t staying but it is good to see her  reunited with a gadget. Fab balloons from Brenda’s New York team today – thanks guys.

Chemo is now all finished.

6 thoughts on “Brenda calling

  1. Why am I not surprised to see how well our Brenda is coping! Great to read the update from Trend, sending you our daily hug! Love from us all xx


  2. Brenda,
    Hope the recovery continues to go well. We look forward to having you out for another sail in Deep Cove this summer!!
    Greg, Trudy, Noah, and Josh
    (the other Hebb family)


  3. Brenda you are a wonder women and look amazing for what you have been through. We wish you a speedy recovery and sending you, Trend, Teddy, India and Dianne all our love and best wishes. Tim, Jo and Samuel xxx


  4. Dear girl, since you are clearly a Lao Tzu fan (“a journey begins……”), I would say that this whole experience (and the impact that I see it having on so many), makes me think of another of his quotes, which is fitting….and fittingly lovely: “being loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone gives you courage”.

    You, your friends and family are all beneficiaries!


  5. Great to see Brenda today. She looked good considering all that she has been through. She slept a lot which is what she needs. One day at a time.


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